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Historic Submarine Films on DVD

Digitally remastered and restored from original 16mm prints, many of these films have never been available to the public, and some have only recently been declassified. These historic collections have been transferred from film to DVD using a state-of-the-art professional quality telecine process. Please note, due to their age and rarity, image and sound quality can vary. DVDs are presented in the DVD-R format.

Anti-Submarine Warfare
Seek, Find and Kill!
The Cold War Below
Nuclear Weapons from the Deep
The Cutting Edge
Training School & Polaris SSBN's
The Deep Horizon
Sealabs & Submarine Retrieval
Frogmen and Divers
Underwater Demolition Teams
The Nuclear Pioneers
Atomic Subs and Nuclear Missiles
The Silent Service
Submarines of WWII
Submarine Down!
Escape and Rescue
The Submarine Pack!
All 8 DVD's
Regulus: The First Nuclear Missile Submarines