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Anti-Submarine Warfare

Anti-Submarine Warfare
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Product Description

This action-packed DVD features five rare, color and b&w films showcasing the Navy's anti-submarine capabilities at the height of the Cold War. See how the Navy uses aircraft, surface warships and destroyers, and hunter-killer submarines in the ASW mission.

In "To Catch a Shadow" learn how the coordination of Navy forces can result in the detection and destruction of enemy submarines. In "The Submariners" watch as the crew of the USS Shark engages in a deadly cat-and-mouse game with an enemy submarine, and scores a "kill".

Two other films, "Goblin at the Doorstep" and "The Hunter-Killers" show Grumman P-3 Orion and Grumman Tracker aircraft as they sweep the seas for enemy boats. Finally, in "Coordinated ASW" learn the tactics behind the ASW formations used by the fleet in combat situations.

Color and b&w films. Over 110 minutes of material.