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The Deep Horizon - The Sealabs and Submarine Retrieval

The Deep Horizon
The Deep Horizon
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Product Description

This DVD features films about the SeaLab I and Sealab II habitats, and more! You'll see astronaut Scott Carpenter's record-setting stay below the sea.

Watch as the mini-submarine Aluminaut, which played a role in the retrieval of a lost atomic bomb off the coast of Spain, demonstrates its proficiency as a salvage tool.

The DVD includes a revealing profile of some of the most sophisticated submersibles of the 60's and 70's, the Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV) Avalon and Mystic, designed to free trapped crewmen from a disabled submarine.

The DVD concludes with "Submarine Salvage" which shows the techniques used to raise a sunken submarine.

Color and b&w films. Running time: 120 minutes.