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The Nuclear Pioneers - Atomic Subs and Nuclear Missiles

The Nuclear Pioneers
The Nuclear Pioneers
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Featured on this DVD are five rare films showcasing the Navy's nuclear pioneers. Witness the launching of USS Nautilus the world's first "true" submarine, capable of staying underwater for months without refueling or surfacing. Watch as Nautilus fulfills its destiny, traveling under the North Pole in 1958.

See the twin-reactor USS Triton, the largest submarine of its era, as it circumnavigates the globe in 1960 without surfacing. See the fleet boat USS Tunny launch a Regulus nuclear missile off its deck in 1950. The Regulus had one of the largest warheads of its day. During the Cold War, missile boats like the Tunny were America's first underwater deterrents.

The DVD concludes with a rare look at the new nuclear attack subs including USS Albacore, tasked with an all-important mission: anti-submarine warfare.

Films are Color and B&W. Running time: 90 minutes.