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The Cutting Edge - Training School and the Polaris SSBN's

The Cutting Edge
The Cutting Edge
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Product Description

This action-packed DVD further profiles the Polaris SSBNs and shows some of the systems, training facilities and tender ships, which supported the Silent Service during the Cold War.

In "Undersea University", you'll visit the Navy's sub school in New London. Watch "Submarine Physical Principles" -- a technical film of the sort used to indoctrinate new recruits.

Other films profile the development of the Polaris missile and submarines and show the transition as the longer-range Poseidon missile. In another movie, see the memorable day when First Lady Jackie Kennedy christened the SSBN USS Lafayette -- one of the "41 for Freedom".

The DVD also contains a film about the nuclear powered USS Skate, the first sub to surface at the North Pole. Finally, "Submarine Support Operations" showcases the tenders that support the fleet.

Color and b&w films. Over two hours of material.