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The Cold War Below

The Cold War Below
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Features six rare films showcasing the Navy's strategic capabilities during the Cold War and some of the most daring underwater exploits of the era.

"In Missiles of the Navy" learn about the coming of modern weaponry to the underwater and surface fleets, and the Navy's air arm. See the Navy's never-deployed Regulus II supersonic cruise missile being tested and then launched off the submarine USS Grayback.

Two terrific films show the construction and launching of the nation's first SSBNs, the Polaris submarines and includes footage of the USS George Washington, USS Will Rogers, and other Polaris boats.

The collection also includes a home movie shot by the crew of the USS Seadragon, and an official film showing that boat's epic journey across the Northwest Passage in 1960.

Color and B&W films. Time: 95 minutes