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Submarine Down! Escape and Rescue

Submarine Down!
Submarine Down!
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S-4, Squalus, Scorpion, Kursk: these are the names of submarines which fell victim to tragedy. In the U.S. Navy, emergency training is stressed, and drills conducted to prepare crews for any situation.

Featured on this DVD are four rare and historical training films showcasing techniques to be used in worst-case scenarios. You'll see midshipmen training in the giant escape tank at the submarine school in New London, and witness a full-scale drill utilizing diving bells and rescue vessels in mid-ocean.

Watch as instructors detail deck safety, and describe how to recover a crewman who has fallen overboard. Finally, see a rare and recently declassified film that explains how Navy frogmen and SEALs use the escape trunk to enter a submerged submarine. This film features rarely seen footage shot aboard the special operations boat USS Grayback.

Color and b&w films. Running time: 86 minutes.