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USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279

Item# 00-025-WAGB279-444-649

Product Description

USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279 was a Wind-class icebreaker that was built for the United States Coast Guard. Completed in time to see action in World War II, she continued in USCG service under the same name until decommissioned in 1968.

October 1960, as part of Operation Deep Freeze, she departed Boston, passed through the Panama Canal, crossed the Pacific, visited New Zealand and McMurdo Sound. Leaving Antarctica, she traveled the Indian Ocean, came through the Suez Canal, crossed the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to return home in May 1961. This tour made the Eastwind the first cutter ever to circumnavigate the globe.

Each high-quality print of the USCGC Eastwind WAGB-279 is 11 X 14 inches and ships in a cardboard tube.