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Barbel Class Commemorative Coin Set

Barbel Class Set
Barbel Class Set
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Product Description

This set consists of four highly detailed 1.5-inch hand-painted brass coins for the Barbel Class. One for each boat and a unique coin for the "B-Girls". The "B-Girls" were the three submarines in the Barbel Class...the USS Barbel SS 580, USS Blueback SS 581, and the USS Bonefish SS 582.

USS Barbel SS 580 was the first fleet submarine built using the principles of a streamlined hull developed using the experimental USS Albacore AGSS 569. They were of double-hull design with 1.5-inch thick HY80 steel. At the time of construction, these three sister ships were the most technologically advanced submarines in the world.

This class was the first to incorporate a centralized arrangement of ship controls and combat operations, or "attack center." The design included a revolutionary teardrop hull shape that enabled superior underwater handling with the latest control, communication, and offensive systems.

Only consisting of three ships, the Barbell class combined proven WWII-era diesel-electric motor technology with a revolutionary tear-drop hull shape, high-strength steel, and other improvements that were incorporated into later submarine designs. The technological advance was driven by the transition in submarine warfare from the older Fleet Boat system to the modern nuclear-powered vessels of the Cold War.

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This set includes a coin for each submarine in the Barbel Class:


SS-580 Coin
SS-581 Coin
SS-582 Coin
B-Girls Coin