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41 For Freedom Series - 41 Coin Set

41 For Freedom
41 For Freedom
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In the 1960s, the U.S. Navy commissioned and launched 41 SSBN type Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines, FBM's also referred to as Boomers. These first FBM's are today known as the "41 for Freedom". All were named for eminent figures in American history and divided among the 5-ship George Washington class, the 5-ship Ethan Allen class, the 19-ship Lafayette class, and the 12-ship Franklin class. These 41 submarines contributed directly to the safety and security of the United States and may have contributed to the safety and the security of the entire planet. The 41 for freedom brought the Cold War to a peaceful resolution without a shot being fired without question.

Every SSBN has two complete crews, a Blue crew, and a Gold crew. These two crews rotated at approximately three-month intervals. The two crews and the rotation schedule allows the ship to be at sea for most of its active life cycle. While one crew is in port enjoying R&R(rest and relaxation) and training, the other crew takes the ship to sea. Each SSBN carried 16 Polaris nuclear missiles. Conversion to more accurate Poseidon missiles, starting in 1972, required only modification of the existing SSBN's. Further modification allowed Franklin-class boats to convert to Trident I missiles beginning in 1979.

They were considered the "Elite" group of subs as they went on over 2500 deterrent patrols in the Cold War. They are all decommissioned now. I am making these coins to honor the Cold War Submarine Force's men and as a reminder of the freedoms these mighty machines protected.

Forty-one (41) beautiful 1.75-inch brass hand-painted coins. This set includes a coin for each submarine in the "41 for Freedom" series:


SSBN-598 Coin
George Washington
SSBN-599 Coin
Patrick Henry
SSBN-600 Coin
Theodore Roosevelt
SSBN-601 Coin
Robert E Lee
SSBN-602 Coin
Abraham Lincoln
SSBN-608 Coin
Ethan Allen
SSBN-609 Coin
Sam Houston
SSBN-610 Coin
Thomas A Edison
SSBN-611 Coin
John Marshall
SSBN-616 Coin
SSBN-617 Coin
Alexander Hamilton
SSBN-618 Coin
Thomas Jefferson
SSBN-619 Coin
Andrew Jackson
SSBN-620 Coin
John Adams
SSBN-622 Coin
James Monroe
SSBN-623 Coin
Nathan Hale
SSBN-624 Coin
Woodrow Wilson
SSBN-625 Coin
Henry Clay
SSBN-626 Coin
Daniel Webster
SSBN-627 Coin
James Madison
SSBN-628 Coin
SSBN-629 Coin
Daniel Boone
SSBN-630 Coin
John C Calhoun
SSBN-631 Coin
Ulysses S Grant
SSBN 632 Coin
von Steuben
SSBN-633 Coin
Casimir Pulaski
SSBN-634 Coin
Stonewall Jackson
SSBN-635 Coin
Sam Rayburn
SSBN-636 Coin
Nathanael Greene
SSBN-640 Coin
Benjamin Franklin
SSBN-641 Coin
Simon Bolivar
SSBN-642 Coin
SSBN-643 Coin
George Bancroft
SSBN-644 Coin
Lewis & Clark
SSBN-645 Coin
James K Polk
SSBN-654 Coin
George C Marshall
SSBN-655 Coin
Henry L Stimson
SSBN-656 Coin
George Washington Carver
SSBN-657 Coin
Francis Scott Key
SSBN-658 Coin
Mariano G Vallejo
SSBN-659 Coin
Will Rogers