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American Flag Coin Display

Flag Coin Display
Flag Coin Display
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Product Description

The American Flag Coin Display allows you to promptly exhibit your extensive collection of challenge coins from a career of dedication and hard work. Crafted in the USA from high grade sourced walnut and mahogany hardwoods, this challenge coin holder will be a conversation piece in any room. The American Flag Coin Display stays true to the American Flag by featuring the fifty states with fifty five-pointed stars painted blue in the top left corner. Also, the coin display contains 13 stripes made from walnut and mahogany, which represents the 13 original colonies.

Proudly display your career and support the American Flag at the same time with this challenge coin holder. Capable of holding over 80 coins (size depending) and weighing over 15 pounds, this coin holder is going to last for years to come. The display comes with brackets on the back for easy installation. To add more space in the rows for larger challenge coins and medallions, the top and bottom of each row have a precise inlay groove. Therefore, creating more space and an option to display larger medallion coins. Measuring three feet in width and almost 2 feet in height, this coin display will make for a prominent wall fixture that will turn heads and catch the eyes of visitors.

  • Size: 23" x 36" x 1"
  • Holds Over 80 Coins