Customized Gato Class Cutaway

Gato Class Cutaway
Gato Class Cutaway
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Product Description

Gato Class Cutaway
The fleet submarine of the United States Navy during World War 2. This six-layer cutaway is so finely detailed that museums have given their stamp of approval. Considered the peak of WWII submarine development, the first of 73 Gatos entered service, and an additional 122 thicker-skinned Balaos started delivery in April of 1943. Out of 195 boats, 184 saw action in the war.

We will custom build this cutaway with your desired hull number and boat name. Just enter the information in the fields provided, and we'll do the rest. If you choose to add your boat coins to your cutaway, price includes a mounting fee; the front and back will be displayed. The shopping cart will accurately reflect your changes as an option so that you may verify the information.

As customized cutaways are built to order, it will take two to three weeks to create, frame, and ship the cutaway.

The framed size is 22.5" wide by 8.5" high.

Natural Basswood finish (as pictured) is mounted on a Baltic Blue matte and surrounded by a luxurious cherry finish frame.

Brass and Silver finishes are mounted on a black matte within a black frame, which gives a very contemporary look.

PLEASE NOTE: The completed cutaway will be named and numbered as desired but will be exactly as pictured above without any differences or modifications an individual vessel may have had (unless you select an option not pictured ... i.e., deck guns or flights).

SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION: Signature Confirmation gives you the benefits of USPS Tracking with an added level of security by requiring a signature from the person who accepts the package and provides additional assurance that the package has been delivered to your intended destination.

List of Gato Class Submarines
( ■ = No Coin Available Yet )
Number Vessel Name Number Vessel Name
SS-212 USS Gato SS-251 USS Flounder ■
SS-213 USS Greenling SS-252 USS Gabilan ■
SS-214 USS Grouper SS-253 USS Gunnel ■
SS-215 USS Growler SS-254 USS Gurnard ■
SS-216 USS Grunion SS-255 USS Haddo ■
SS-217 USS Guardfish ■ SS-256 USS Hake ■
SS-218 USS Albacore SS-257 USS Harder
SS-219 USS Amberjack SS-258 USS Hoe ■
SS-220 USS Barb SS-259 USS Jack ■
SS-221 USS Blackfish ■ SS-260 USS Lapon
SS-222 USS Bluefish ■ SS-261 USS Mingo ■
SS-223 USS Bonefish SS-262 USS Muskallunge ■
SS-224 USS Cod SS-263 USS Paddle ■
SS-225 USS Cero SS-264 USS Pargo ■
SS-226 USS Corvina SS-265 USS Peto ■
SS-227 USS Darter SS-266 USS Pogy ■
SS-228 USS Drum SS-267 USS Pompon ■
SS-229 USS Flying Fish SS-268 USS Puffer ■
SS-230 USS Finback ■ SS-269 USS Rasher
SS-231 USS Haddock ■ SS-270 USS Raton
SS-232 USS Halibut ■ SS-271 USS Ray ■
SS-233 USS Herring SS-272 USS Redfin
SS-234 USS Kingfish ■ SS-273 USS Robalo
SS-235 USS Shad SS-274 USS Rock
SS-236 USS Silversides SS-275 USS Runner
SS-237 USS Trigger SS-276 USS Sawfish ■
SS-238 USS Wahoo SS-277 USS Scamp
SS-239 USS Whale ■ SS-278 USS Scorpion
SS-240 USS Angler SS-279 USS Snook
SS-241 USS Bashaw SS-280 USS Steelhead ■
SS-242 USS Bluegill SS-281 USS Sunfish ■
SS-243 USS Bream SS-282 USS Tunny
SS-244 USS Cavalla SS-283 USS Tinosa ■
SS-245 USS Cobia SS-284 USS Tullibee
SS-246 USS Croaker SS-361 USS Golet
SS-247 USS Dace SS-362 USS Guavina
SS-248 USS Dorado SS-363 USS Guitarro ■
SS-249 USS Flasher SS-364 USS Hammerhead ■
SS-250 USS Flier