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Military Challenge Coin Holder with Keychain Split Ring

Coin Keyring
Coin Keyring
Item# ss-coin-kchain
Add 30-inch Ball Chain: 

Product Description

Coin Keyring
Our keyring will hold any Military Challenge Coin measuring 2 - 3 mm in thickness and from 37mm up to 47mm in diameter (1.45" inch to 1.85" inch).

Our coin holder key ring offers multiple ways for you to enjoy your Submarine Challenge Coin. Hang it from the 30-inch ball chain necklace, and it will serve as a medallion, or remove the chain and put the coin holder key chain in your pocket.

Ready for the ultimate in the never leave home without it in challenge coins? The keyring holds your coins snugly, so no fear of losing your cherished challenge coin. My Dad has had his Qual Boat coin, USS Trumpetfish SS 425, on his keyring for over 15 years, and it still fits securely. With this design, you have what you need no matter where you go. It takes a split second to change out a coin and, the best part, it's lightweight plastic so that it won't weigh you down.

Very easy to switch out your challenge coin. Just pop in or pop out.

Made from Lightweight, Flexible, Durable Plastic in the USA!