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Navy Golf Coin

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Product Description

If your ball didn’t land in the water, or the sand, or out of bounds, or in a tree, then where did it go?

The Hazard Coin is won by discovering a new and intriguing hazard, one not technically on the books. Maybe you landed in a deep mud puddle, or on top of a golf cart, the point is that you win this coin through a special achievement though not necessarily a positive one. Decide before you tee off if this coin is a good addition or something to avoid, or take a poll to decide if the hazard is worthy of a coin.

You can also use this coin as the ultimate penalty; whoever has the most hazard coins in the end gets this coin as a “reward.” It’s just one more reason to improve your game.

Expanding on the popular game played by golfers for years, now you can play in style with this solid nickel alloy coin, featuring a distinctive antique finish.