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Navy Golf Coin

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Product Description

Aim for the win and you might pocket this coin!

In order to win it all, you have to decide to be the best. Decide at the outset what it will take to win this ultimate coin, but make sure the stakes are high. The holder of this coin will win the whole thing. Maybe itíll take a trick shot, or the longest drive, or five birdies to win. If youíre playing with novices, take some pity and set the bar lower, like making par.

If you make the stakes challenging enough, it could all come down to the last hole! This coin wins it all in most cases, thatís it is great for handicapping or setting the stakes just right.

Based on the popular game played by golfers for years, now you can play in style with this golf coin, minted in solid nickel alloy and featuring a distinctive antique finish.