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Navy Sand Golf Coin

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Product Description

Aren’t sailors supposed to avoid running into the beach? If you picked up this coin, it means you need to pay more attention!

Don’t worry about it too much, sand traps are everywhere and this coin was going to end up in someone’s pocket, so chances are it will change hands again soon. Think ahead, don’t rush your swing, and be especially careful towards the last holes or you will be the one holding this coin at the end.

At least you don’t have to play an old time Scottish course, those sand traps could be dangerous, featuring sand traps up to six feet deep! On those monsters you never have to worry about grounding your club but a bad swing would leave you reaching for your ‘shovel wedge’ to go after your ball!

Based on the popular game played by golfers for years, now you can play in style with this golf coin, minted in solid nickel alloy and featuring a distinctive antique finish.