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USS Mississippi Challenge Coin

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Product Description

All the submariners stalking the depths aboard the USS Mississippi (SSN-782) will call to mind their Silent Service with this challenge coin, dedicated to the fast-attack submarine. Whether you’ve served aboard or know someone who has, this coin is an enduring memento.

At 377 feet in length with a 7,800 submerged displacement, the USS Mississippi prowls the deep to 800 feet armed with four 21" torpedoes, 12 vertical launch cruise missiles, advanced mobile mines, and unmanned undersea vehicles, in addition to an advanced SEAL-delivery system. She can covertly haul 132 officers and sailors on missions of maritime security, special operations, intelligence- gathering, reconnaissance, and surveillance. Always on patrol with stealth and endurance, the USS Mississippi forces her enemies to fear the silence.

In 2014 the USS Mississippi (SSN-782) became the next Virginia-class submarine to defend the depths when permanently assigned to the Submarine Squadron 1 at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Minted in antique bronze, and highlighted by bright enamel, this 1.75" challenge coin honors the crew of the USS Mississippi (SSN-782). The obverse features the boat cruising just under the surface of palm trees and the sun off in the distance. A small map of Hawaii nods to her homeport of Pearl Harbor. The reverse displays the ship’s seal, along with her motto, “VIRTUTE ET ARMIS,” meaning “by valor and arms.”