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USS Scranton Challenge Coin

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Product Description

The USS Scranton (SSN-756), named after the city of Scranton, PA, is a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine. She was launched on July 3, 1989, with Commander J.G. Meyer in command.

Built using a "modular construction" technique, the Scranton did not have a keel laid, and was instead built by fabricating individual hull sections. These different hull sections were later assembled with exact precision and welded together. The ship was later rolled into a floating drydock and "floated".

In 2009, the ship was undergoing a significant change in navigation systems, with the old paper charts jettisoned for all-electronic charts which are more comprehensive, more accurate, and much faster.

This 2 1/4" x 1 5/8" coin honors the USS Scranton and all who have served aboard her. The coin, minted in a brass alloy, is given an antique finish and imbued with highly durable enamel in the bold colors of the ship's emblem.