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USS Pasadena Challenge Coin

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Product Description

The USS Pasadena (SSN-752) is a force for defending American interests and protecting freedom across the globe. A Los Angeles-class submarine for the U.S. Navy, she is impressively equipped to succeed in even the most demanding of missions. The USS Pasadena, named after the town in California, the word taken from the Chippewa language meaning ‘of the valley.’

Commissioned on 11 February 1989, the USS Pasadena has a displacement of approximately 6,200 tons submerged and stretches a mere 362 feet in length. She provides the fleet with the capacity to fulfill numerous missions thanks to her unlimited endurance due to the nuclear propulsion plant, advanced sonar, torpedo, cruise missile, and mine delivery systems, and a combination of speed and stealth due to sophisticated quieting technologies.

Minted from bronze, and enhanced with a shiny gold overlay, this 2" coin pays tribute to the USS Pasadena and salutes the exceptional service of her crew. The obverse features a rendition of the American red, white, and blue along with renderings of military insignia. The reverse displays a version of the badge of the USS Pasadena, imbued with bold colored enamel, along with the ship’s motto, “ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.”