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Navy Brass 2 Coaster Set

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Operation Iraqi Freedom
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Confronting the threat posed to the world by Iraq's dangerous dictator, the U.S. Military launched Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 20, 2003.

In command of a multi-national coalition, America's Armed Forces spearheaded a massive military campaign designed to oust Saddam Hussein from power and liberate the people of Iraq. Exhibiting lightning-fast speed and overwhelming power, U.S. led forces unleashed a simultaneous air and ground assault that utterly crippled the enemy's defenses, enabling the Allies to advance swiftly toward their final objective. Seizing control of the Iraqi capital on April 9, 2003, American forces officially declared the end of Saddam Hussein's brutal regime, ushering in a new era of Iraqi independence.

This two-coaster set salutes the success achieved by America and its Allies in the skillful execution of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Framed by a Navy blue silicone top pad, the coin displayed inside each coaster features a montage of the American, British, and Australian Flags, symbolizing the major partners in the "Coalition of the Willing." Packaged in an attractive, flip-top box, this set comes complete with a hand-finished, walnut base.