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Navy Brass 2 Coaster Set

Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer
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Product Description

Those elevated to the rank of Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy join a class of dedicated and proven leaders and share in the Navy's time-honored tradition of recognizing and advancing those who serve with distinction. As one of the top four ranks for enlisted personnel, the role of Chief Petty Officer carries with it both added responsibilities and new privileges, signified by a noticeable change in insignia and uniform.

As experienced and accomplished leaders, the men and women who have risen to the level of Chief Petty Officer play a vital role in advancing the cause of the Navy to spread freedom and democracy throughout the world.

This two-coaster set recognizes the notable achievements of Chief Petty Officers "past, present, and future," whose dedication and commitment have earned them a distinguished place in the world's most powerful maritime force. Framed by a Navy blue silicone top pad, each coin displayed within features the anchor insignia worn by the U.S. Navy's Chief Petty Officers. Packaged in an attractive flip-top box, this set comes complete with a hand-finished walnut base.