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United States Submarine 2023 Calendar - Peril in the Depths: United States Submarine Incidents Since 2000

2023 Calendar
2023 Calendar
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Submarines face many perils as they ply the depths. A small fire or gas leak inside a submerged submarine can lead to catastrophic consequences. A grounding or collision with another vessel is usually more severe for a submarine than a surface ship. Human error has been identified as the primary cause of most accidents at sea. But the sea represents a potent enemy too and often presents more danger than even a foreign adversary. This calendar explores many of the most dramatic submarine incidents since 2000.

Submarine Incidents Since 2000

  • 2000
    Russian Kursk explosion

  • 2001
    Japenese Ehime Maru and USS Greenville collision

  • 2002
    USS Dolphins major fire
    USS Oklahoma City collision with tanker
    British HMS Trafalgar grounding

  • 2003
    Australian HMAS Dechaineux flooding
    Chinese Ming 361 accident
    Russian K-159 sinking
    USS Hartford grounding

  • 2004
    Canadian HMCS Chicoutimi fire

  • 2005
    USS San Francisco collision with undersea terrain
    Russian AS-28 emergency
    USS Philadelphia collision with Turkish MS Yasa Aysen

  • 2006
    Russian Daniil Moskovsky fire
    USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul incident

  • 2007
    USS Newport News collision with Japanese tanker Mogamigawa
    British HMS Tireless explosion

  • 2008
    British HMS Surerb hits underwater rock pinnacle
    Russian K-152 Nerpa gas leak

  • 2009
    British HMS Vanguard and French Le Triomphant collision
    USS Hartford and USS New Orleans collision

  • 2010
    Bristish Astute grounding

  • 2011
    Canadian HMCS Corner Brook grounding

  • 2012
    USS Maimi arson
    USS Montpilier collision with USS San Jacinto

  • 2013
    Indian INS Sindhurakshak explosion and sinking
    Russian k-150 Tomsk fire
    USS Jacksonville collision

  • 2015
    British HMS Talent collision

  • 2016
    British HMS Ambush collision

  • 2017
    Privately owned UC3 Nautilus sinking
    Argentinian ARA San Juan sinking

  • 2019
    Russian research submarine Losharik fire

  • 2020
    Norweigian High London collision with South Korean Navy submarine

  • 2021
    Indonesian KRI Nanggala (402) sinking
    USS Connecticut collision with seamount