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United States Submarine Calendar - Stunning Accomplishments: Celebrating the Unusual Successes of America's Submarines in WWII

2022 Calendar
2022 Calendar
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2022 Calendar
Though long referred to internally and externally as the Silent Service, the exploits of the U.S. Navy's Submarine Force have become more and better known to the general public in recent decades. As a result, the particularly hair-raising adventures of the U.S. fleet submarines in harm's way during World War II - described in countless books and dramatized in many TV documentaries - have been of particular interest, embraced not only by historians and military buffs but for anyone enamored of exciting, action-packed sea stories.
We again celebrate these submarines with this calendar, particularly this batch of twelve trailblazing individual boats - champions among all champions. We're proud to bring their extraordinary, unique accomplishments to light within these pages. From destroying enemy shipping to rescuing downed aviators, hauling gold bullion to pioneering new techniques and technologies, they've seen and done it all. Each has her own story to tell.
We must not forget that four of the submarines depicted here - Wahoo, Harder, Tang, and Trout - were among the fifty-two U.S. fleet subs which never came home. Instead, they and their crews willingly made the ultimate wartime sacrifice to support their country, truly embodying the spirit of our American ideals and way of life.
We invite you now to learn month-by-month the twelve success stories of these American submarines in World War II. So clear the bridge and standby to dive into some real underwater adventure!