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United States Submarine Calendar - Submarines at the Movies

2021 Calendar
2021 Calendar
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It's not just any film now playing at the Bijou— you're going to see a submarine picture.
Over the years, no doubt about it, U.S. Navy submarines have played a prominent role in submersible-themed movies—America's cinematic take on all kinds of undersea stories and adventures. From chilling wartime dramas to madcap comedies, ghostly tales to Victorian fantasies, such submarines have always captured moviegoers' imagination. Filmed appearances of actual submarines have likewise made such silver screen fiction more believable—and more fun. Whether popular or obscure, Golden Age or the modern era, USSVI's 2021 Calendar celebrates all submarine movies, those our Navy's steel sharks helped to get made, and others whose onscreen submarines represent the best of Hollywood miniature and special effects magic.
So snag those tickets, grab some popcorn, find your seat, and standby to dive. The lights are coming down, and the curtain's going up. Here come larger-than-life iron boats in a big-screen battle for your thrills and delight— that's entertainment!