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United States Submarine Calendar - USSVI Submarine Squadrons of the Pacific Fleet

2018 Calendar
2018 Calendar
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The US Submarine Force is composed of two fleets: Commander Submarine Pacific (ComSubPac) and Commander Submarine Atlantic (ComSubLant). Each fleet contains submarine groups which are made up of submarine squadrons. Up until World War II, and for some time afterward, submarine squadrons might include several Submarine Divisions (SubDivs), often in pairs of submarines. Reserve submarine divisions also existed after World War II.

This year our 12-month calendar focuses on the Squadrons of the Pacific Fleet. Next year we will do the Squadrons of the Atlantic Fleet.

For 118 years, U.S. submariners have provided and continue to provide a vital service to our nation, and we salute them all! Also given are the loss dates for all U.S. submarines sunk or destroyed in addition to other historical dates in both U.S. submarine veteran and U.S. Navy submarine history.