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Steel Sign: Virginia Class Submarine

Virginia Class
Virginia Class
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Product Description

The Virginia Class submarine is the newest class of attack boats in the United States Navy. These nuclear-powered boats are designed for a wide range of open ocean and littoral missions. Photonic masts, pump jet propulsors, advanced sonar systems, fiber optic fly-by-wire ship control, advanced combat systems and a nine-man lock-out chamber are some of the unique features of this class. Designed as replacements for the older of the Los Angeles Class submarines, the Virginia Class submarines will serve well into the mid-21st century.

Virginia Class Submarine by Mark Karvon metal sign measures 12 inches by 15 inches and weighs in at just over 2 lb(s). We hand make all of our vintage metal signs in the USA using heavy gauge American steel. These metal prints are made to last and make great gifts for any occasion.We then perform a vintaging process by hand to give this tin sign a more retro and nostalgic look and feel. This metal sign is drilled and riveted for easy hanging.