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Steel Sign: Avenging the Hood

King George V
King George V
Item# LS2261-MK

Product Description

One of the most feared ships during World War II was the German battleship, Bismarck. On May 24 the HMS Hood, known as the pride of the British fleet, along with the HMS Prince of Wales caught up with Bismarck in the Denmark Strait. After a short exchange of fire, the Hood’s armor was pierced by a shell from the Bismarck and detonated in the aft magazine. The resulting explosion broke the ship’s back and she quickly sank leaving only three survivors. The loss of the Hood was a great shock to the nation and the pursuit of the Bismarck became a top priority. On May 26 the Bismarck was struck by a torpedo from a British Swordfish aircraft jamming her rudder. Having damaged their quarry, the British fleet closed in for the kill the next day. The battleships HMS King George V and HMS Rodney sighted the Bismarck and opened fire. The Bismarck was sunk in a battle lasting approximately 2 hours. The Hood was avenged.

Avenging the Hood by Mark Karvon metal sign measures 12 inches by 15 inches and weighs in at just over 2 lb(s). We hand make all of our vintage metal signs in the USA using heavy gauge American steel. These metal prints are made to last and make great gifts for any occasion.We then perform a vintaging process by hand to give this tin sign a more retro and nostalgic look and feel. This metal sign is drilled and riveted for easy hanging.