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Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD Crab
EOD Crab
Item# ds-art-eod

Product Description

The ‘EOD Crab’ is the symbol of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams, specialists trained to detect, disarm, detonate and dispose of explosive materials of all kinds. The EOD 'crab' badge is unique in that it is the only insignia that is consistent throughout America’s uniformed services, identifying EOD personnel across all branches of the military. This drawing honors their work, their sacrifice, and the incredible risks these dedicated professionals embrace every day to keep us safe.

This 'Crab' is composed of tools of the EOD technician's trade (hooks, lines, wires, detonation cord, etc.) along with a selection of objects big and small that all have the capacity to go BOOM!

  • Size: 16x20" S/N Limited Edition