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Hellcats of the Sea Series - 3 Coin Set

Hellcats of the Sea
Hellcats of the Sea
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Three beautiful 1.75-inch brass coins. The group of submarines that went into the Sea of Japan were known as "The Mighty Mine Dodgers" They were officially called "Hydeman's Hell Cats" and referred to as Operation Barney. The nine boats were organized into three groups with three boats in each group. Each coin shows one group.

  • Hydeman's Hepcats (USS Seadog SS 401, USS Crevalle SS 291 and USS Spadefish SS 411)
  • Pierce's Polecats (USS Tunny SS 282, USS Bonefish SS 223 and USS Skate SS 305)
  • Risser's Bobcats (USS Flying Fish SS 229, USS Bowfin SS 287 and USS Tinosa SS 283)

  • The back is my design to honor these brave men who participated in Operation Barney. The quote on the back says, "It was one of the best planned and successful blows against the Japanese Empire." -Admiral Chester W Nimitz.

    Around the edge of the coin, it says "Hellcats of the Sea", "The Mighty Mine Dodgers", "Operation Barney" and the dates of the operation "29 May 1945 - 4 July 1945".

    Of the nine submarines that went into the Sea of Japan, only one was lost. On June 18, 1945, the USS Bonefish SS223 was sunk with all hands on board after "A great many depth charges were dropped" in Toyama Wan.

    While these nine submarines were in the Sea of Japan, they sank 31 ships and 16 small craft for a total of 108,230 tons!

    For more information on the "Hellcats of the Sea" please Click Here

    These coins are designed and only available from me. Would make an excellent addition to your collection or for your favorite sailor!

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