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Second Amendment - Right To Bear Arms Challenge Coin

Right to Bear Arms
Right to Bear Arms
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Product Description

This highly detailed and collectible 1.75-inch shiny gold coin pays tribute to the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees all Americans the Right to Bear Arms!

The front features two handguns over a full-color American Flag on the front side with the words "My Constitutional Right" and "Concealed Weapons Carry" around the edges.

The coin's backside features a patriotic image of a Revolutionary war era forefather with the words "Second Amendment" and "Right to Bear Arms" around the edges.

OPTIONAL: Our Air-Tite acrylic cases provide the ultimate long-term protection for your coin. They are made of crystal clear, hard Acrylic and will never yellow over time; the foam rings are made of Volara, and both are free of PVC that could damage your coin.