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USS Albacore Challenge Coin

AGSS-569 Coin
AGSS-569 Coin
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Product Description

This exquisite 1.5-inch hand-painted brass coin showcases the boat patch of the USS Albacore (AGSS-569), which dates back to 1953. Designed by the then Commanding Officer, this emblem encapsulates Albacore's pivotal role as a test platform for pioneering submarine hull designs and advancements in antisubmarine warfare tactics. Its Latin motto, "Forerunner of the Future," embodies the vessel's forward-thinking mission. Depicting a submarine hull silhouette and lightning streak, the emblem signifies Albacore's function as a test bed. Another lightning streak and a bull's eye symbolize its role as a high-speed target for antisubmarine warfare operations. In 1966, she achieved a remarkable feat, becoming the world's fastest submarine with an underwater speed of nearly 40 miles per hour.

Following her decommissioning in September 1972, Albacore found a new home at the Inactive Ship Facility in Philadelphia. A decade later, Portsmouth City Councilman Bill Keefe spearheaded a campaign to relocate Albacore to its birthplace as a permanent exhibit. After two years of bureaucratic hurdles and logistical challenges, Albacore embarked on a journey from Philadelphia to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. In May 1985, she navigated through obstacles like a dismantled railroad bridge and a section of highway before reaching her destination. It took almost six months and a series of locks to secure Albacore onto a concrete cradle at Albacore Park, where she now resides.

These coins are designed and only available from me. Would make an excellent addition to your collection or for your favorite sailor!

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