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Tang Class Commemorative 6 Coin Set

Tang Class Set
Tang Class Set
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Product Description

This set consists of the six 1.5-inch hand-painted brass coins that made up the Tang Class, the first submarines designed and built by the United States Navy after WWII. They incorporated the best features of the high-speed GermanType XXI U-boat and the old United States Navy fleet boats. The Tang-class and the fleet submarines converted under the Greater Underwater Propulsion Power (GUPPY) program had much higher submerged performance than their predecessors. Still, they were quickly surpassed by the nuclear-propelled submarines that entered service beginning in 1954.

OPTIONAL: Our Air-Tite acrylic cases provide the ultimate long-term protection for your coin. They are made of crystal clear, hard Acrylic, and will never yellow over time; the foam rings are made of Volara, and both are free of PVC that could damage your coin.

This set includes a coin for each submarine in the Tang Class:


SS-563 Coin
SS-564 Coin
SS-565 Coin
SS-566 Coin
SS-567 Coin
SS-568 Coin