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Seawolf Class Commemorative Three-Coin Set

Seawolf Class Set
Seawolf Class Set
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Product Description

This set consists of the three 1.5-inch hand-painted brass coins that made up the Seawolf Class, the Los Angeles Class's intended successor.

The Seawolf was a Cold War product, conceived to maintain the USA’s acoustic advantage over Soviet submarines. With the end of the Cold War and the change of emphasis on littoral operations, the Seawolf submarines' cost was judged prohibitive. The program was curtailed in favor of the smaller and cheaper Virginia class New Attack submarines.

OPTIONAL: Our Air-Tite acrylic cases provide the ultimate long-term protection for your coin. They are made of crystal clear, hard Acrylic and will never yellow over time; the foam rings are made of Volara, and both are free of PVC that could damage your coin.

This set includes a coin for each submarine in the Seawolf Class:


SSN-21 Coin
SSN-22 Coin
SSN-23 Coin
Jimmy Carter