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DSV-2 Alvin Challenge Coin

DSV-2 Coin
DSV-2 Coin
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Product Description

A beautiful 1.5-inch hand-painted brass coin for the DSV 2 Alvin, the first manned submarine to visit the RMS Titanic, and also explored the wreck of the USS Scorpion SSN-589, which sank off the coast of the Azores in 1968 in uncertain circumstances.

These coins are designed and only available from me and would make an excellent addition to your collection or for your favorite sailor!

OPTIONAL: Our Air-Tite acrylic cases provide the ultimate long-term protection for your coin. They are made of crystal clear, hard Acrylic, and will never yellow over time; the foam rings are made of Volara, and both are free of PVC that could damage your coin.