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Shoreline Collection: Triple Mantas Rays

Triple Manta Rays
Triple Manta Rays
Item# bb-bbrz-44

Product Description

Capturing a moment frozen in time, this design, created from Roland's video footage and fantastic diving experience in Palau, is a natural conversation piece.

One of the best experiences a diver could probably have is to dive with the Manta Rays. These rays are also sometimes called “Devil Rays” because of its two horn-like flaps in its mouth. It might be the biggest ray on the planet, but it is considered harmless. This pendant is double-sided and detailed down to the gills.

Part of Roland's new Shoreline collection, they are crafted in solid bronze with an added clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing. All pendants come on an 18-inch brown cotton cord with new colored ceramic accent beads from Greece.

  • Unisex design
  • 18 inch "animal friendly" cotton cord
  • Made of high-quality Solid Bronze
  • Hand Crafted Design
  • American Made